The Truth About Twos

The other day I realized we were half way through the “terrible twos” with Cody Wayne.  It’s been quite the 6+ months….starting with an ambulance ride (the day after Cody turned two), preceding to leech therapy, an amputated thumb, COUNTLESS doctor appointments for the “nub,” that then turned into doctors appointments for Kyler, squirrel fry cookouts and Thanksgiving travels, rearranging the gym, hosting Christmas at home, more doctors appointments, rearranging the gym again (if you go to CrossFit Country you know how true this is!) then New Years, the final weeks of pregnancy (Praise the Lord!), Kyler’s perfect arrival, all leading into sleep deprivation and newborn joys…this is why it took us seven months to realize Cody Wayne was closer to three than he was two!  Time flies!!  The other night Wayne and I stayed up chatting about the oh-so-terrible twos.  This is what we realized….life is so much better with a two year old (and I’m sure we will say the same year after year after year….)

First, let me start by saying, in our opinion, Cody has always been easy.  He slept well as a baby, not a fussy kid, active early–which lead to child proofing the house earlier than we thought, easily pleased and even easier to distract 🙂  Now he definitely, DEFINITELY has epic meltdowns at times but again, he’s easy to distract so the meltdowns usually last all of 6.7 seconds, then he’s happy as a clam again.  Anyways, the other day I was driving to the gym.  It’s all of a six mile drive, but it was the first time I had been by myself in seven weeks!  Cody and Kyler were getting spoiled by Nene and Grandpa at the house.  First time in 50 days that I got in the car without a car seat, no diaper bag loaded with extra snacks, without toting extra car or truck toys.  It was then that I realized I was actually sad that I had no little faces to look at in the mirror, no toddler asking questions or telling me what he saw, no toddler to ask what color the light was so he could tell me green means go and red means stop.  But it all hit me when I passed a “stink truck” (aka garbage truck).  You see our toddler is OBSESSED with trucks, tractors, trains, cars, boats…any form of transportation, he knows them all!  And I’m not talking like “Oh there’s some tractors,”  it’s more like “Momma, find the excavator!”  Who knew I’d learn about backhoes, excavators, front end loaders from reading big board books for two years.

Now, back to passing the stink truck…it hit me….how different life is now that we have children.  We drive down the road (with or without the boys in the car) and notice every semi-truck, tractor, cement truck, school bus, stink truck, etc.  Wayne and I don’t miss a single large transportation vehicle, because our two year old has taught us how to see the world differently.  Every time we see a truck, in our head we hear that little toddler voice call out what it is!  It’s precious, even if Cody Wayne isn’t in the car, you can hear his little voice, filled with excitement because he spotted a favorite vehicle and you cannot help but smile!  A smile that comes from knowing that your child is so excited to see a garbage truck, of all things!  It’s crazy!  In my six mile drive, by myself to the gym, I noticed several school buses, semi-trucks, garbage trucks, a cement truck and each time I did I thought of Cody Wayne and smiled.  Thought about how when I got home, I’d tell him all the trucks I saw.  Thought about all the questions he’d ask me about them.  Thought about if one was missing, he’d ask where it went.  Again, all on a six mile drive, I’ve made hundreds of times!  That’s when it hit me….I LOVE the “oh-so-terrible” twos!  LOVE them!!

In the past seven months, Wayne and I have learned to appreciate the little things in life because of our two year old!  We have completely different eyes than we did even a year ago because Cody has grown so much.  Yes, we do deal with EPIC meltdowns most days.  But these dramatic episodes are for things as silly as putting trucks back in a basket, brushing teeth, putting sand back in the sandbox…in the big picture, when the day is done and we go to say our prayers and tuck our little guy into bed, the little things in life are not taken for granted as much, because we don’t miss them anymore!  I’m pretty sure this is why Jesus speaks of child-like faith, because kids see things so innocently, so pure, so new each day…isn’t that what life and our faith is really all about.  Starting new each day, approaching each day with an innocence, noticing each and every blessing that is in your life each day…

Because of our two year old, we notice the little animals running around the yard….birds, lizards, cranes and talk about where they live, what they eat, and where they go to when they run/fly away.

We talk about how silly the dogs are when they chase flies around the back yard.

We have pillow fights on the bed, until all the sheets are messed up and the comforter has fallen off.

We let puddles form in the shower so that the cars can get a bath too.

We read the same books every single night, saying the same things and still have the same laughs.

We get to watch a two year old try to work the system by asking “What kind is that?” when staring at a brownie, after choosing a cookie for his snack….hoping that when he tells us “that’s different” we will ask him if he wants a bite (sneaky little guy!)

We get the best bear hugs in the world, by the tiniest little arms and kisses full of two year old slobber, as our 26 lb boy climbs up the stairs telling us “I wub you too Momma!” each night before bed.

Because of our “terrible” two year old, yes, we get more frustrated….but we love more, laugh more often, notice the little things, take a step back to just enjoy the moment, cherish each hug a little longer, and each hand hold is a little more precious.  So we have realized the twos are terrible for many reasons….they’re terribly entertaining, terribly fascinating, terribly enlightening, terribly challenging, terribly exhausting, terribly fun, terribly hilarious….but more than anything they go by TERRIBLY FAST!!



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