The Newborn Cry.

Most of you have probably heard a newborn cry before.  It is many things.  Awful. Helpless. Shrill. Gut-wrenching.  Panic-drive.  If you’ve ever been in the car and your newborn starts to cry, it is the WORST feeling in the world.  The worst.  And at the same time that cry is, somehow, precious and endearing.  For a mom, I guess it’s because, at least for a few weeks, someone is COMPLETELY dependent on you.  Completely. Now, I confess, I’m not the BEST newborn Mom.  Newborns are stressful to me.  I LOVE their snuggles, coos, and random faces, but they have no schedule, eat all the time, poop ALL the time, are just so stinkin’ hard to predict what they want or need.  Hence, the newborn cry.  Reminding us that we are their source of life.  Newborns don’t just want us around, they NEED us.  The other night, I was talking to a friend about how Kyler was transitioning out of the newborn cry and into the screaming fuss, which is more demanding and less helpless. I’m so thankful!  Again, the newborn cry is so stressful to me.  However, the next day I was driving to the same friends house to drop the boys off on my first day back to work (without crying I may add!), Kyler started fussing…it was then that I realized the newborn cry was gone, and for the first time, was kind of sad there was no more shrill, helpless crying coming from the back seat.

Now, I wasn’t so much sad that the cry was gone, but more that the newborn phase for Wayne and me is gone (unless God has a BIG surprise for us in the future!).  No more babies in our home.  It was more than the newborn cry phase passing us by, it was, with that all the newborn things are gone too.  A schedule is forming.  Kyler doesn’t poop with EVERY feeding now.  Maternity leave is over (however, summer is soon approaching.  Yeah for being a teacher!).  Newborn clothes are packed up and ready to go.  Swaddling is becoming less frequent.  Carseats straps are being expanded.

Kyler2 Kyler3

I cannot believe it. Twelve weeks went by so fast, yet so slow.  It’s kinda like they tell you, “As you get older, days go by slower but years go by faster.”  Same thing here.  It seems like yesterday I was waking up in the middle of the night to use the restroom and asking Wayne if he was ready because my water broke.  And now we have an, almost, 13 week old (not to mention an almost 3 year old…WHAT!?)

Cody1  Cody2

With each day that passes, Cody Wayne wants more time with his daddy and less time with his momma.  He has turned into a little man overnight.  I think the fact that I realized the newborn cry has left us was just a reminder how fast time flies.  Before I can even fathom, Cody Wayne will be going to Kindergarten and Kyler will be his age.  As a parent, I don’t think Wayne and I keep track of time by days, months and weeks anymore.  It’s more by milestones and memories.  So for today, the memory of the newborn cry from one of our babies will forever be that, just a memory….



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