Raising Wayne

Since Cody Wayne’s birth, two and a half years ago, I have heard how much our sons look EXACTLY like their Daddy!  My first thought is always, “Thanks!  It’s a good thing I find their daddy very attractive!”  We smile, chuckle, and move on in the conversation…usually to talk about how high-energy Cody Wayne is or how Kyler has a “butt-chin” or how blue the boys eyes are, etc. etc. etc.  The other day I was driving (it seems that most of my thinking goes on in the car for some reason…maybe it’s the only time the boys are locked down so I can think for a second 🙂 ), anyways back to driving, on the radio came Brad Paisley’s song “Anything Like Me.”  This immediately took me back to when we found out we were pregnant with Cody Wayne, when this song first came out. You see it came out before we knew what we were having, girl or boy!  OF COURSE, we just wanted a healthy baby, BUT if we had a choice, Wayne and I would have both said (and we did) that we wanted a boy.   When we found out we were having our first boy, this song became some what of a joke around the house, with verses like “he will climb a tree to tall, ride a bike to fast, end up wearing a cast…” All these little verses where reflections of Wayne’s childhood so we laughed that they’d become our sons too.

Now fast forward to Cody being born, from birth friends would stop me and say “Wow! He looks NOTHING like you!”  Here I am (brown hair, brown eyes) with a light-haired, blue-eyed baby boy.  Everyone was right, Cody Wayne is a spitting imagine of Wayne. Fast forward again to when Kyler arrives and we often hear “He looks just like Cody!” so that in turn, means he looks just like Daddy!  Again, SO glad I find Wayne so good-lookin 🙂


(Cody Wayne and Kyler James at 6 weeks.)

Back to the song “Anything Like Me,” the other day I heard it for the first time in a bit and couldn’t help but laugh at EVERY single lyric and think about how Cody Wayne is EVERYTHING like Wayne.  Let’s start at the beginning…

I remember sayin’ I don’t care either way
Just as long as he or she is healthy I’m OK
Then the doctor pointed to the corner of the screen
And said, “You see that thing right there, well, you know what that means.”

I started wondering who he was gonna be
And I thought, “Heaven, help us if he’s anything like me.”

Now for those of you who know us, you know I have my hands-full with one Summers’ boy.  Wayne is a bit of, as we say, a hot mess! 🙂 He’s amazing. Passionate. Creative. Hard working. Loving. God-fearing…I could go on and on and on.  But he’s also a hot mess!  So many ideas turning in his head at all times, so many things to do to see the change in the world he desires…We certainly have thought “Heaven, help us if he’s anything like me.”  Well, now that we are really seeing Cody Wayne’s personality come out at two and a half years old, he is EXACTLY like Wayne.  He has the same looks, the same demeanors, the same energy level (possibly even more energy, if you can believe it), he loves to work, always wants to be outside and thoroughly enjoys the dirt.  Cody Wayne is his Daddy!

Next verses:

He’ll probably climb a tree too tall and ride his bike too fast
End up every summer wearing something in a cast
He’s gonna throw a ball and break some glass in a window down the street

It’s safe to say that
I’m gonna get my pay back
If he’s anything like me

Ever since Cody Wayne became mobile (5 month crawler, 10 month walker), he’s wanted to climb.  On anything.  The taller the better.  He’s wanted to run.  He wants you to push him or carry him in things and the faster you go the better.  He will get off the things he climbs by leaping, the farther it is the more thrilling.  Praise the Lord, he’s also been blessed with some sense of body control at a young age, because he knows how to tuck and roll when he “crashes” (maybe he did get something from his former gymnast Momma?).  He’s been having batting practice in the back yard since he could walk, every ball spotted is picked up and thrown…baseball is in his genes and I’m sure broken windows will be effecting our wallets sooner than later.  Now that Cody has really developed his own strong-willed personality, we do catch ourselves getting frustrated with him.  Especially since he’s two!  He knows what to do but wants to do his own thing, every parents been there, right!  It’s comical to listen to Wayne on the monitor at night, his frustration level rises as he tries to get his mini-me to stop running around, stop climbing, to sit down and be still.  Again, if you know Wayne and have seen Cody, you can imagine this and probably can see that it is quite funny that Wayne is trying to get his son to sit still!

handstands  Codybaseball  followingdaddy

I can see him right now, knees all skinned up
With a magnifying glass trying to melt the Tonka truck
Won’t he be a sight with his football helmet on
That’ll be his first love ’til his first love comes along

Cody Wayne has more bruises on his skinny little legs from falling, bumping into things, tripping than we can explain.  The child’s activity level is ridiculous!  If you asked me how he got all his dings, I’d have no idea as most aren’t noticed until a couple days later.  Good thing he’s a tough kid and doesn’t seem to mind (also, doesn’t want anything to do with band-aids…thank goodness or he’d be so covered we would never be able to leave the house!) If you read the earlier blog, you know that Cody Wayne is a two year old OBSESSED with trucks.  Now he takes all his “struction trucks to the dirt in the back yard to dig, roll, and pile up the dirt. As much as I KNOW baseball is in our future, I’m sure football will be too–one day.  Every night, before bedtime routines begin, Cody asks Daddy to sit on the floor so he can tackle him.  That’s actually what he says “Daddy I want to tackle you!”  The he runs, full two year old speed, across the house and dives, with his chin out (that’s how you know you’re really going to get it!) without hesitation into Wayne on the floor, knocking them both back.  And I pray sports is Cody’s first love for a long time…praying in that way he is just like his daddy too and really wants nothing to do with girls until he meets his bride.


So….that’s where we are now.  One day we will finish the song…

He’s gonna love me and hate me along the way
Years are gonna fly by I already dread the dayHe’s gonna hug his momma, he’s gonna shake my hand
He’s gonna act like he can’t wait to leaveBut as he drives out
He’ll cry his eyes out
If he’s anything like meThere’s worse folks to be like
Oh, he’ll be alright
If he’s anything like me

No doubt we will have our struggles and trials to overcome, all parents and children do. But if there’s anything we do know already, the time will fly by.  The days seem longer now, but the years go by in the blink of an eye. 😦

Our prayer for Cody Wayne, and Kyler too (who I’m sure will also be a spitting imagine of Wayne–strong Summers genes 🙂 ) is we provide for them a home and a life where they know they are supported, challenged, lifted up, encouraged, respected and LOVED.  Where hugs and kisses, outnumber tears and frustrations.  Dinner conversations are often.  Movie nights are regular occurrences.  Family days are cherished, remembered and something to look forward too.

When the day is done and we all go to sleep at night, when the years pass and we all get older…if both boys turn out just like their Daddy, that is fine by me.  It’s actually what I pray for…because if they’re like Wayne, there will be two more boys in this crazy place, committed to changing the world and making others lives better.  ❤



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