BedTime Spying

I was ease dropping on Wayne and Cody’s bedtime conversation, as I do every night (yeah for monitors). As always they were looking at a truck book, when they got to the rescue trucks page, Wayne pointed out the ambulance and Cody says “That’s for boo-boos.” Wayne precedes to tell Cody he went on an ambulance when he got his thumb boo-boo…to which Cody responds “I won’t need amblance, Momma fix my boo-boos.” Heart melting…this kid’s just too much! 

Just before bedtime picnic…


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Publix Subs

If you live in the South, you know of Publix. If you know of Publix, you know of their subs. Heaven in a sandwich. Sometimes you just need one…today was one of those days…>


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Here We Go!

In today’s virtual world, it seems blogs are the new diaries.  Wayne and I are constantly talking about how we should write more down and take more videos….well now we can!  We decided to do it virtually so family can keep up with what’s going on with the Summers….Southerns stuck in the Suburbs.  Aside from the fact that we think our boys do the cutest things ever (especially our pistol of a 2 year old!), my husband is down right hilarious!  When I say hilarious, it’s usually because what he does confirms that fact that he is the definition of a hot mess!  But he is the most incredible hot mess there ever has been!  He does things in mere days that most can’t get down in months!  It’s truly absurd…the man has an energy level that would put the Energizer Bunny to shame.  So along with documenting and remembering what our precious boys do, I figured we could also share what our family does…because on most days, we have stories that are guaranteed to make you laugh and shake your head!


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