One Little Guy–Two Very Different Results

The other night, I was pulling down the bed getting ready to go to sleep.  While doing this I was having to readjust every pillow case and straighten up the duvet cover (never buying a duvet cover again!).  Anyways, while I was having to straighten up the bed that we were getting ready to sleep in, I thought about why the pillows were all off and our duvet cover looked like a small tornado was trapped inside…it was our nightly post bathtime, before book time pillow fight, Momma and Daddy vs the fiesty, two-year old, Cody Wayne.

Every night when we take Cody out of the bath or shower, he escapes from the final diaper change of the night…sometimes he escapes after the diaper and sometimes before (I am still puzzled about boys desire to be naked ALL the time?!).  On this night, he happened to escape before the diaper.  So here we are…Momma and Daddy, pillows and hand while our firecracker of a two year old is frolicking around the bed, hiding under the covers, using the other pillows as his fort, all while giggling the most contagious laugh that ever existed, all while Cody Wayne wore his BIRTH day suit.  Picture that in your head…you cannot help but smile 🙂  Of course, the pillow fight went on for quite some time and then telling him it was now bedtime, only to receive his new “Just one more time!” line, added to the entertainment this night.  We finally got him dressed and Wayne and Cody Wayne headed upstairs for books, prayers, nighttime hugs and kisses.

So back to me pulling the pillows off the bed and having to readjust everything…while doing this I thought to myself, how much this little 26 lb boy has helped me relax A LOT!  You see, I can be quite, as my husband would say, high-strung, OCD, anal retentive…any and all of the adjectives have been used by him to describe me.  Our closets are color coded, every screw in the house faces vertically, pillows must face a certain direction on the bed.  He’s not out of line when he refers to me with these adjectives!  On the flip side, I would say he is too laid back and doesn’t notice much of anything (at home only…this is NOT how Wayne is at the gym for those of you who go to CrossFit Country 🙂 ).  Wayne has been known to leave a cereal bowl and spoon on the top shelf of his closet, he will step over a shirt on the floor on his way to the laundry basket and not even notice, I had a new center piece set up on the dining room table for 6 weeks before he noticed it.  Bless his heart ❤ Again as I’m rearranging the pillow cases to stack them on the bench for the night, I’m thinking about how I don’t care that I have to do this.  It was worth the 30 minutes of giggles, hugs, throws, and laughs we acquired from the mess.  That got me to thinking…there’s so many things I’ve relaxed about these days, I will go to bed with sippy cups and trucks left on the end table, the remotes don’t have to make their way back to the coasters at the end of the day, Cody Wayne’s shoes can be left at the bottom of the stairs so they’re ready to go when he wakes up in the morning (Wayne’s still have to be put in the closet….I’m not THAT relaxed yet 😉 ) So, as this little pistol has helped me relax and leave some clutter around our home, he has helped his daddy become more scheduled oriented.  You see, Wayne doesn’t live by a schedule.  He doesn’t have a to-do list (crazy right!?), he doesn’t plan out his lunch meal the night before or even the morning of, he doesn’t think about what he’s going to wear until he’s out of the shower and in his closet that morning…he’s just a go-with-the-flow type of guy (which works well with my anal retentiveness).  However, I’ve noticed as Cody Wayne becomes more interactive and independent, Wayne has become more attune to a schedule.  He comes home AROUND the same time every night, he has somewhat of a morning routine, he’s more specific in sharing details about what he plans to do with his day when I ask.

It’s funny how the same little guy, can change two people in such different ways.



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