I am a Mom. And I am a Superhero.

Let me start by saying, I’ve never been the best at anything.  Never the funniest.  Never the fastest, prettiest, smartest.  Never the most popular.  Never the best dressed or craftest.  Never the best cook.  Never the best at anything…now I don’t say this as some depressed girl with self-esteem issues.  It’s just the truth.  I’m ok with it!  However, when I became a Momma, I realized I was the best Momma MY boys could ever have (and I hope every Mom says the same for their babies!)…that may all those times of NOT being the best so worth it.  If I have to be the best at anything, I want to be the best wife and mom to my house full of boys! ❤


(Disclaimer:  this is for MOMs, not for females who give birth and then are hardly a Momma to their children.  This is MOMs who either through birth or adoption care for, love, and cherish the precious babies God has blessed us with for the time on earth)

I am a MOM.  And I am a SUPERHERO.

I can nurse a baby, let my toe nail polish dry, return an email and read with a 2 year old all at the same time.

I can put a screaming baby to sleep with the “momma rock” in 4.7 seconds.

I can swaddle a baby tighter than Kim Kardashian’s latest dress.


I am a MOM.  And I am a SUPERHERO.

I can prep dinner for the family, clean up the dishes and talk about the latest Thomas the Train episode with a little one.

I can listen to my husband and do arts and crafts with a toddler while working on tummy time all at the same time.

I can get laundry done, the house vacuumed and countless tiny trucks picked up during brief naps.

I can write a grocery list, pay bills and clean up after dinner without missing a beat.


I am a MOM.  And I am a SUPERHERO.

I can crash trains, tickle a little boy, bounce a baby and have all of us giggling.

I can talk on the phone, while sweeping the kitchen, and spy on a toddler who is getting too close to his brother with dump trucks on the floor.

I can cook a home-made meal, burp a 3 month old, and put shoes on a 2 year old so he can run around outside without even thinking.

I can pump and drive.  (Yes-pump and drive!!)

Mom2  Mom1

I am a MOM.  And I am a SUPERHERO.

I can fix any and all boo-boos with a hug, a kiss, and a bandaid (at least up to this point!).

I can get two boys up, fed, dressed, and out of the house so that I can workout in the morning.

I can get up at 4am for a workout when I go to work so that I have the energy to keep up with a bunch of VERY high-energy boys.

I can cut finger nails, open fruit snacks, and wipe up drool in one swoop.


I am a MOM.  And I am SUPERHERO.

While that list may be somewhat impressive…those are all the “fillers” of the days that seem to go on forever at times, but the years that are flying by faster and faster.

The things that truly matter are that at the end of the day…

I can kiss, hug, and love on three boys that have my heart.

I can know that we when we all go to sleep, each of my boys knows that I did ALL I could do for them each day.

I can tell each boy “My heart belongs to you” and it is the absolute truth.

I can sit and watch their daddy play with them and cherish the endless belly laughs, and know that I married the man God made just for me.

I can pray over each boy for God’s protection, guidance, light, and love as this world becomes increasing darker.

I can love, love, love with all that I have so that these boys know they are cherished, supported, encouraged and LOVED in our home.


Then after all that is done….I can go to sleep knowing my work is never finished. Tomorrow will be met with scratches, tears, and tantrums.  There will be many hugs, kisses, and  “lub yous” given.  However, I am THE BEST Momma and Wife for these boys God has so amazingly blessed me with.  And if anyone ever has something to say about it, my response will be….

I am a MOM.  And I am a SUPERHERO. 




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