Concerts=People Watching at it’s Finest.

Wayne and I had a date night to the Darius Rucker concert the other night at the CFE Arena on UCF’s campus.  Corey Smith and Eli Young Bang opened for Darius Rucker and it was a FANTASTIC show!  Definitely a must see if they’re coming anywhere near you…at least Corey Smith and Darius, Eli Young Band was eh? 😦

Anyways, everytime we go to a concert Wayne and I find ourselves people watching at some point.  The people watching at concerts is EPIC!  Here are a few of the “types of people” we had the pleasure of witnessing the other night:

  • People that refuse to sit down.
  • People that refuse to stand up.
  • The spouse that got dragged along and refuses to have fun.
  • The person that has had too many drinks before the show starts and has to be carried out.
  • The person that walks up and down your row, making every one stand, at least once every 12 minutes.
  • The girl who think she looks classier because she’s drinking wine out of a plastic cup, than beer.
  • The couple that thinks THEY should be who everyone is hear to see with their singing ability.
  • The bouncing dancer.
  • The crazy arm pumper.
  • The girl who thinks she’s way more attractive than she is dancing in the aisles.
  • The person who forgets their video taping the song and is clapping, swinging, and first pumping while recording (I’d pay to see this video!)
  • The talker (why did you come to a concert to have a conversation with your neighbor?)
  • The parents that wanted to go so bad they’re keeping their toddler out WAY too late.

I’m sure there’s many others that have been spotted at concerts, but these were the ones we had the pleasure of enjoying the other night!

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