Southern Charm–I think not!

I’m sitting on my couch while both boys are sleeping 🙂 and browsing through channels on tv.  Nothing is on, so I look through On-Demand channels and come across a reality show, Southern Charm.  I decided to take a chance on this show, although “reality” tv, I think to myself “It still has to be somewhat decent because southerners are classy.”  Well it took me about 6.4 seconds to realize this show is a disgrace to truth southerners.  The belles are not belles…the men are not gentleman.  I watched my first and last 12 minutes of the show today (and probably only made it 12 minutes because I was perusing Pinterest as well!)


So, if you’ve never seen it…don’t waste your time!  Stick with Duck Dynasty, a family that represents the true south!




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