My 5K Training…Wait What?!

If you know me, you know I HATE to run.  I mean really HATE it! It’s boring.  It hurts.  It’s tedious.  It’s hot (Florida right?!).  I feel like my lungs are going to collapse.  Oh and it hurts!  That being said, while I was pregnant, I set some fitness goals for myself.  One was to run a 5K.  Now I’m not going for any record breaking times here, only goal is to RUN for the entire 3.1 miles.  Hmmmm…run?  The more appropriate phrase would be:  I just don’t want to walk!  If that ends up being a sssslllllooooowww jog, so be it!  I just don’t want to run!  Knowing myself, I also don’t like to be terrible at anything, so I knew the only way I would start to run, is to sign up for a 5K, so I did!  At the time I signed up, it was 9 weeks away…now 7 weeks and yesterday was the first day I ran to for the event.  Regardless, I ran (well jogged), for over 1.5 miles.  A shock to myself!!  Then walked to finish a song and ran another mile.  I was pleasantly surprised.  It was still boring.  It still hurt.  Still tedious and my lungs still burned.  However, I did it!

photo (1)

And I’ll do it again…hopefully two more times this week. Again, the goal is not to break records.  Simply to not walk!

Warning:  two year old conversation coming…

On the way to our friends house, where I was dropping off the boys so I could run on the trail, Cody Wayne and I had the following conversation:

Cody Wayne: “Momma, where we going?”

Me:  “We’re going to Aunt Lizzy’s house so you can play trains while I run.”

Cody Wayne:  “Momma, why you running?”

Me:  “I’m running to get in shape.”

Cody Wayne pauses and thinks for a minute, then “What kinda shape?”

Seeing where his two year old mind was going, I ask “What kind of shape do you think I should be?”

Cody Wayne responds: “Hmmmmm….A CONE!”

And that my friends is my son!  Always good for a laugh…even when you’re about to suffer through your first run in, uhhhhh, forever!!  🙂

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