Fitness Monday

You know you’ve all done it…Monday I’ll start to workout and eat better and take care of myself, yada yada yada.  ALL of us have said it! If we really wanted to change our lives, we’d start on any day, not wait until Monday, but it goes with the start of the week so we do it!  I’ve done it. If you say you haven’t, I’d bet you’re lying!  Anyways, Wayne and I said it over the weekend…let’s indulge, eat pasta, cupcakes, and ice cream and then Monday we will start.  If I say it myself, I can last about 2 weeks, however when Wayne is on board with me, it’s full steam ahead!  So to support our transition to a healthier lifestyle, I spent Sunday prepping food and grocery shopping on the perimeter (Never thought about it that way…think about the perimeter of the grocery store, it’s where all the “good” stuff is).  However, Wayne and I both have a HUGE sweet tooth, so we need something to hold us over or we go to bed without talking because we are both so irritable.  Luckily, today’s post on PaleOMG is Paleo Reese’s Cups!  Win-win!

If you haven’t checked out PaleOMG (, you MUST!!  Her recipes are delicious and my absolute favorite part about them is that they’re so simple and without “weird” paleo ingredients that so many sites have.  We have her site bookmarked on phones, computers, and her cook book.  Everything we have tried has been fabulous.  And again, best part is I usually have all the ingredients needed for her recipes.

So our Paleo Reese’s Cups are currently in the freezer.  When she titles the recipe Easy Chocolate Almond Butter Cups, she wasn’t kidding!  These took me all of 7 minutes to put together, and that’s with an 8 week old and a 2.5 year old under my eye!  You can do it!


photo 1 photo 2  photo 3 photo 4

So if you’re like us and started “Fitness Monday” also, good luck!  Swimsuit season is definitely more motivation than we have in, say, October…however, if you’re flying solo on your track to getting healthy in your home, you may want to start recruiting your other half to participate.  Strength in numbers!  Plus way easier to not be tempting than have to resist temptation!

Keys to Success:

1.  PREP! PREP! PREP!  Food prep and recipe planning is a must when you’re trying to eat clean.

2.  Find healthier alternatives to your favorites.  If you love sweets (like I do!) you’d be miserable not having them so just find better options (hence Paleo Chocolate Almond Butter Cups 🙂 )

3.  Have a support system.  Like anything challenging, you can’t do it solo!  Find others around you that are committed to getting healthy also.

4.  Splurge and enjoy life still.  Don’t feel guilty about having a cheat day, it’s life, enjoy it! It’s about a lifestyle change and longevity, not a diet that has an end. So if you have one bad day, just do better for the next 6 and you’ll be all right in the end.  (Best advice I’ve heard is live by the 80/20 rule….80% clean, 20% “less” clean.  Thinking about it this way has really helped me believe that it is possible!)

Good Luck on your Fitness Monday….may it continue to a better, healthier lifestyle!

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2 Responses to Fitness Monday

  1. Lisa says:

    great post Jen! love reading your blog.

    • Thanks Lisa!! Trying to remember life and this seems to be the easiest way to do it in today’s world! No more diaries or journals! Who would have thought we’d put our life events online…crazy!

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