10 Things I’ve Learned in 10 Days with Two

Written:  2/19

First, let me start by saying I know it has been almost 2 weeks since Kyler arrived, however, this post was started on day 10.  Which, in fact, leads me to point number 1 below…Thinking about our first 10 days with 2 babies, here are 10 things we’ve learned:1.  Disregard ANY and ALL schedules.   Wayne and I have had several conversations over the past several days about how much life changed when we had Cody 2 years ago, and then how we haven’t noticed much of a change since Kyler arrived.  The changes seem far more minimal this time, diapers, wipes, feedings, stroller changes, etc are nothing new after baby #1.  However, now trying to get 2 babies up and out the door, ON TIME, is quite the challenge.  You wouldn’t think so, one is still sleeping all the time, however to coordinator going out in between feedings and before your 2 year old needs a nap, can be quite the challenge.  Warn you friends, you may be there on time or an hour late, don’t be offended, the effort was definitely there, schedules just don’t exist these days.

2.  Many things are forgotten after the initial newborn phase is survived.  We definitely forgot how many loads of laundry had to be done, how many diapers are changed, how fast you have to be when changing a baby boys diapers, how much vaseline it takes so you don’t hurt his young “man parts,” how many qtips with alcohol you go through to try to get the belly button to fall off, how important the swaddle is….

3.  Newborn toys become fun to toddlers.  Who would have thought our 2 year old with every truck toy imaginable would be fascinated by Kyler’s tummy time mat. All Cody wants to do is play with the lights and the hanging birds, of course now telling us there are toucans and giraffes on the mat, but he’s fascinated with it!!

4.  Daddy’s are smitten from birth with number two.  As soon as you find out your pregnant, you go into “mommy mode.”  Every thought, every dream, every prayer starts with your baby in mind.  Then baby number 1 arrives and daddy’s definitely love them, however the instant attachment is with you (the mommy) and the baby.  Daddy’s will hold them, cuddle them, help with diapers, bathtime, feedings and definitely swaddles, but as the first baby becomes a toddler and really develops a personality, Daddy’s enjoy their time more. HOWEVER, with number 2, Daddy’s are smitten from the get-go.  They know what that little, wrinkly nugget will grow into, the bond that they will have, the humor a toddler brings to life, and because they know the relationship that will come, they are completely smitten from the birth.

5.  You will go through 6x as many wipes and diapers now that there are two little ones.  Six times as many you say?  But that doesn’t make sense, you’re doubling the babies (and God Bless You if you have multiples!) why would the number of wipes/diapers escalate through the roof?….the answer is YES!  Someone you double the bottoms but the extra wipes and diapers you go through is astronomical (how can something so little go to the bathroom SO much?)

6.  You’ll forget everything involving a normal daily routine.  Mornings will run into afternoons which run into evenings.  Then you’ll be getting your oldest ready for bed and you’ll think back to “Did I eat breakfast?”  “Did I shower?”  “Did I forget deodorant?”  The normal things in life get forgotten in the days after a new life enters your home….and you wouldn’t change it for the world, even if you are stinky!

7.  Clean takes on a whole new perspective.  You want everything clean, no new germs with a baby in the house!  But you also don’t care about the mess your toddler has made.  Every toy truck ever made will be pulled out and on your floor (and for now that’s ok, your little one isn’t crawling or eating everything yet!) and you don’t care…you simply let the piles get bigger and bigger, and maybe, just maybe, you pick them up before you go to bed at night.

8.  You’ll be a little bit more relaxed.  When we had Cody, adding a new baby to the family, completely changed our lives, our routines, our house setup, everything….when Kyler arrived, everything was already kid-proof, we knew how to change a diaper, new how to nurse, new what to do until the “belly-button” fell off…we were a bit more relaxed and able to enjoy all the snuggles a little provides!

9.  You won’t be terrified to go out in public.  Wayne and I are much more relaxed when taking Kyler places.  We can’t stay locked up now because that wouldn’t be fair to Cody.  Do we go out as much as we did 3 weeks ago, of course not, but we do leave the house more than we did when Cody was a new born.  We do still leave Kyler in the carseat, pull down the shade, cover it with a blanket as well, and sit in a booth as far away from other humans as possible, but we do leave the house more!

10.  You will fall more in love with both babies than you ever thought possible.  I remember someone telling me when we were pregnant with Cody Wayne, that they could never describe how much you will love your baby, it simply cannot be put into words.  A truer statement may have never been spoken and I have since said that to everyone I’ve met that is pregnant.  No one can fathom how much you will love this little thing that can do nothing but eat, sleep, and go to the bathroom but the love you have for them is beyond description.  When we found out we were pregnant with number two, I was nervous that I wouldn’t be able to love them as much as I loved Cody.  I mean Cody was the coolest, sweetest, most playful little boy ever (and I hope all parents would say the same about their own baby…)  As the pregnancy went on, this became more and more of a fear, how could any other little baby be as fun and amazing as Cody?  It just didn’t seem possible.  Then Kyler arrived…and it happened, instantly we loved him just as much as we love Cody.  But then something really amazing happened, that again cannot be explained in words or with logic, we came home and watched Cody interact with Kyler, this little 8lb nugget that can do nothing, as far as a toddler is concerned.  To watch Cody interact with Kyler, made us love both boys all the more.  Cody would kiss him, wonder why he was crying, try to hold his hand, move the toys on his tummy time mat so they’d light up and make noises, push the swing when it stopped, on and on and on….in these moments, we have again realized, having children is a blessing beyond what anyone can ever describe to you.  You will love more than you ever imagined, pray harder for your children than ever before, and constantly watch in awe that the two littlest people in your life, have changed your life more than anyone else (except Jesus).

So there you have it….10 things learned in the first 10 days with 2 precious little baby boys.


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