Tornado Devastation–Ways to Help.

The tornadoes that have swept across the Southeast have been tragic to say the least.  The devastation from flooding in the Panhandle of Florida to the tornado ravaged Northwest Mississippi have affected so many tragically.   If you are looking for ways to help here are a few ways that have come up in the past couple days.

To help those in Northwest Mississippi, you can purchase a Mississippi Strong shirt from

MSStrongshirt MSStrong


To help those in Pensacola, you can purchase a printable from

PColaStrong PColaStrong2

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Concerts=People Watching at it’s Finest.

Wayne and I had a date night to the Darius Rucker concert the other night at the CFE Arena on UCF’s campus.  Corey Smith and Eli Young Bang opened for Darius Rucker and it was a FANTASTIC show!  Definitely a must see if they’re coming anywhere near you…at least Corey Smith and Darius, Eli Young Band was eh? 😦

Anyways, everytime we go to a concert Wayne and I find ourselves people watching at some point.  The people watching at concerts is EPIC!  Here are a few of the “types of people” we had the pleasure of witnessing the other night:

  • People that refuse to sit down.
  • People that refuse to stand up.
  • The spouse that got dragged along and refuses to have fun.
  • The person that has had too many drinks before the show starts and has to be carried out.
  • The person that walks up and down your row, making every one stand, at least once every 12 minutes.
  • The girl who think she looks classier because she’s drinking wine out of a plastic cup, than beer.
  • The couple that thinks THEY should be who everyone is hear to see with their singing ability.
  • The bouncing dancer.
  • The crazy arm pumper.
  • The girl who thinks she’s way more attractive than she is dancing in the aisles.
  • The person who forgets their video taping the song and is clapping, swinging, and first pumping while recording (I’d pay to see this video!)
  • The talker (why did you come to a concert to have a conversation with your neighbor?)
  • The parents that wanted to go so bad they’re keeping their toddler out WAY too late.

I’m sure there’s many others that have been spotted at concerts, but these were the ones we had the pleasure of enjoying the other night!

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Southern Charm–I think not!

I’m sitting on my couch while both boys are sleeping 🙂 and browsing through channels on tv.  Nothing is on, so I look through On-Demand channels and come across a reality show, Southern Charm.  I decided to take a chance on this show, although “reality” tv, I think to myself “It still has to be somewhat decent because southerners are classy.”  Well it took me about 6.4 seconds to realize this show is a disgrace to truth southerners.  The belles are not belles…the men are not gentleman.  I watched my first and last 12 minutes of the show today (and probably only made it 12 minutes because I was perusing Pinterest as well!)


So, if you’ve never seen it…don’t waste your time!  Stick with Duck Dynasty, a family that represents the true south!




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April Sun


Joel 2:
30 I will show wonders in the heavens
and on the earth,
blood and fire and billows of smoke.
31 The sun will be turned to darkness
and the moon to blood
before the coming of the great and
dreadful day of the Lord.

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My 5K Training…Wait What?!

If you know me, you know I HATE to run.  I mean really HATE it! It’s boring.  It hurts.  It’s tedious.  It’s hot (Florida right?!).  I feel like my lungs are going to collapse.  Oh and it hurts!  That being said, while I was pregnant, I set some fitness goals for myself.  One was to run a 5K.  Now I’m not going for any record breaking times here, only goal is to RUN for the entire 3.1 miles.  Hmmmm…run?  The more appropriate phrase would be:  I just don’t want to walk!  If that ends up being a sssslllllooooowww jog, so be it!  I just don’t want to run!  Knowing myself, I also don’t like to be terrible at anything, so I knew the only way I would start to run, is to sign up for a 5K, so I did!  At the time I signed up, it was 9 weeks away…now 7 weeks and yesterday was the first day I ran to for the event.  Regardless, I ran (well jogged), for over 1.5 miles.  A shock to myself!!  Then walked to finish a song and ran another mile.  I was pleasantly surprised.  It was still boring.  It still hurt.  Still tedious and my lungs still burned.  However, I did it!

photo (1)

And I’ll do it again…hopefully two more times this week. Again, the goal is not to break records.  Simply to not walk!

Warning:  two year old conversation coming…

On the way to our friends house, where I was dropping off the boys so I could run on the trail, Cody Wayne and I had the following conversation:

Cody Wayne: “Momma, where we going?”

Me:  “We’re going to Aunt Lizzy’s house so you can play trains while I run.”

Cody Wayne:  “Momma, why you running?”

Me:  “I’m running to get in shape.”

Cody Wayne pauses and thinks for a minute, then “What kinda shape?”

Seeing where his two year old mind was going, I ask “What kind of shape do you think I should be?”

Cody Wayne responds: “Hmmmmm….A CONE!”

And that my friends is my son!  Always good for a laugh…even when you’re about to suffer through your first run in, uhhhhh, forever!!  🙂

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Fitness Monday

You know you’ve all done it…Monday I’ll start to workout and eat better and take care of myself, yada yada yada.  ALL of us have said it! If we really wanted to change our lives, we’d start on any day, not wait until Monday, but it goes with the start of the week so we do it!  I’ve done it. If you say you haven’t, I’d bet you’re lying!  Anyways, Wayne and I said it over the weekend…let’s indulge, eat pasta, cupcakes, and ice cream and then Monday we will start.  If I say it myself, I can last about 2 weeks, however when Wayne is on board with me, it’s full steam ahead!  So to support our transition to a healthier lifestyle, I spent Sunday prepping food and grocery shopping on the perimeter (Never thought about it that way…think about the perimeter of the grocery store, it’s where all the “good” stuff is).  However, Wayne and I both have a HUGE sweet tooth, so we need something to hold us over or we go to bed without talking because we are both so irritable.  Luckily, today’s post on PaleOMG is Paleo Reese’s Cups!  Win-win!

If you haven’t checked out PaleOMG (, you MUST!!  Her recipes are delicious and my absolute favorite part about them is that they’re so simple and without “weird” paleo ingredients that so many sites have.  We have her site bookmarked on phones, computers, and her cook book.  Everything we have tried has been fabulous.  And again, best part is I usually have all the ingredients needed for her recipes.

So our Paleo Reese’s Cups are currently in the freezer.  When she titles the recipe Easy Chocolate Almond Butter Cups, she wasn’t kidding!  These took me all of 7 minutes to put together, and that’s with an 8 week old and a 2.5 year old under my eye!  You can do it!


photo 1 photo 2  photo 3 photo 4

So if you’re like us and started “Fitness Monday” also, good luck!  Swimsuit season is definitely more motivation than we have in, say, October…however, if you’re flying solo on your track to getting healthy in your home, you may want to start recruiting your other half to participate.  Strength in numbers!  Plus way easier to not be tempting than have to resist temptation!

Keys to Success:

1.  PREP! PREP! PREP!  Food prep and recipe planning is a must when you’re trying to eat clean.

2.  Find healthier alternatives to your favorites.  If you love sweets (like I do!) you’d be miserable not having them so just find better options (hence Paleo Chocolate Almond Butter Cups 🙂 )

3.  Have a support system.  Like anything challenging, you can’t do it solo!  Find others around you that are committed to getting healthy also.

4.  Splurge and enjoy life still.  Don’t feel guilty about having a cheat day, it’s life, enjoy it! It’s about a lifestyle change and longevity, not a diet that has an end. So if you have one bad day, just do better for the next 6 and you’ll be all right in the end.  (Best advice I’ve heard is live by the 80/20 rule….80% clean, 20% “less” clean.  Thinking about it this way has really helped me believe that it is possible!)

Good Luck on your Fitness Monday….may it continue to a better, healthier lifestyle!

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Farmers Market Fun

Have I told you how much I love Oviedo! It’s a town located in outskirts of Orlando (yes, Mickeys home!) but you would never know it! Oviedo has a small town feel…local businesses, parades, farmers markets, support for HS sports, family events…things you find in small towns just on a slightly bigger scale! Recently Good Neighbors Farmers Market opened. It’s a Farmers Market with a Petting Farm. Every parents dream! $2 for hours of fun with your little ones, enjoying the important things in life: laughs, quality time OUTSIDE together, nature (beautiful oak trees and cute little animals), picnic tables, bluegrass music, fresh produce, kettle corn, etc,etc,etc. You really can’t beat it!! So if you live near Oviedo or are ever visiting the area, I highly suggest you stop by. Pet some cute animals, walk through the farm, smile at the little kids running around (no tablets or tvs in sight!!), purchase some fresh produce, grab a bag of kettle corn and support the local economy. Win-win for all! Happy Saturday!

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